industry-leading technology

A swimming pool is a great investment both for your family and the value of your property. With Evo Pools, you can be confident that you have made the best investment towards a lifetime of enjoyment.

Evo Pools fiberglass swimming pools are built using high-performance, corrosive-resistant vinyl ester resin within all layers of application providing the highest level of structural integrity and protection against osmosis (water penetration). With 20+ years of industry experience, we stand behind our products with a Lifetime Structural Warranty and a Lifetime Structural Osmosis Warranty.

Our products are built under strict quality controls inside a climate-controlled factory with highly monitored and detailed specifications. When placed in the hands of experienced professionals, working with the best raw products in the world, you can be assured that you are receiving a product that you will enjoy for many years to come.

global leader

With a presence in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, our parent company Explore Industries has delivered 80,000+ pools to 23 countries around the globe. Having established the two largest manufacturing facilities of fiberglass swimming pools in the world, Explore Industries is recognized as an innovative and enterprising global leader with more than two decades of experience producing exceptional in-ground fiberglass swimming pools. Supported by our portfolio of industry-leading brands in pools, spas, pool covers, and franchises, Explore Industries doesn’t just think differently; we do differently. We see what others see, and then we do it better.

About Evo Pools - award-winning swimming pool pool designs for your new home

designs to fit your style

award-winning pool designs to complement your new home

Choose a style for your inground backyard fiberglass swimming pool that ensures it is dressed for the occasion and explore our portfolio of exciting features. No matter how you wish to accessorize your pool – with a spa, splash deck, swim out ledge or more – we have something for everyone’s preference. Plus, Evo Pools offers many size options to accommodate your backyard. This is the time to plan the perfect retreat and elevate your new home to create the personal oasis and elevate your lifestyle.

the prosperity

Available in 33', 30', 26'and 23'
The Prosperity exudes confidence, style, and stunning versatility. This design presents a classic structure that will easily complement any home while at the same time maintaining the practicality you expect from a swimming pool.

the prosperity incl. splash deck

Available in 31' and 28'
Taking a cue from the crisp, clean lines, and practical features of The Prosperity, our designers drew inspiration from one of our headlining models and incorporated a 5’, 1” long splash deck onto the shallow end.

the evolve

Available in 40', 35' and 30'

At the intersection of collaboration of expansive planes and modern design, you will discover The Evolve. This breath-taking design encourages opportunities in both landscaping and a wide range of pool activities.

The Luminescent fiberglass swimming pool design by Evo Pools

the luminescent

Available in 30' and 26'

Lustrous and radiant, The Luminescent naturally glows and shines underneath the bounty of the glowing sun. This compact yet versatile swimming pool delivers an abundance of desired features.

the innova

Available in 26', 23', 20' and 16'
With its integrated ability to fit perfectly into any design equation, The Innova is a simple, rectangular pool with square corners, promoting its sleek and contemporary design.

the rise

Available in 19'
Welcome to The Rise. Adorned with all of the exciting features of The Innova, this pool has been reconfigured into a breathtaking compact package that will greatly enhance most any backyard setting.

the resurgence

Available in 10'
The small, shallow pool design of The Resurgence, also referred to as a plunge pool, is typically chosen for a backyard sanctuary for the purposes of lounging, wading, or just cooling off from swimming and exercising.

the prominence

Available in 40', 35' and 30'
The Prominence is highly indicative of great design. By harnessing gentle, organic curves with a versatile size range, this luxurious swimming pool will not only catch your eye but sets the stage for both landscaping and environment inspirations.

the rejuvenation

Available in 28'and 23'
Just as your home is a place of renewal and rejuvenation, so is the popular swimming pool design of The Rejuvenation. Its freeform shape adapts to any ambiance you wish to create with your swimming pool area.

the emergence

Available in 34', 30' and 27'

The Emergence beautifully upholds the parentship of sustainability and adaptability. It successfully blends in with any home style and site but equally stands out with its hypnotic flowing lines and freeform design.